Personal Training- Mike Orme

Mike Hey, I’m Mike Orme. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and now live here in Logan with my wife and 2 children (with a third on the way).

My road to becoming a personal trainer would have been inconceivable only 3 years ago. My mother began training at FreeMotion in the Spring of 2012 and had amazing results. She and my wife then began to suggest that I begin the FreeMotion program. I was overweight, but didn’t think it was that big of an issue. More than anything, I feared that I would work hard, change my lifestyle, and get absolutely no, or very minimal, results. For several months I vacillated on whether to sign-up, and honestly probably wouldn’t have if the decision had been solely left under my control. But luckily for me, my wife then took matters into her own hands. She signed me up and committed to help me every step of the way.

Over the next three months, I fully committed myself to the FreeMotion training and to changing my lifestyIe. I loved how I felt and knew that I never wanted to go back to the person and lifestyle I had lead before. I have continued with FreeMotion since then, have lost more weight, and continued to transform my body and outlook on life. I have found the rewards of the hard work to be worth SO much more than the sweat and energy that are spent in the gym. I now want to help everyone to find this same joy in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

To sign up for personal training with Mike please click on the package option below or contact Mike directly at (435)881-9020 or

Individual Sessions:
$40 per one-hour session

Package Options:
$240 – 7 Sessions (Get One Free!)
$400 – 12 Sessions (Get Two Free!)

Couples Options – Get Fitter Together!
$50 – Single Session
$300 – 7 Sessions (Get One Free!)
$500 – 12 Sessions (Get Two Free!)