Personal Training- Bryn Martineau

20160630-6747 Hi! My name is Bryn and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I’ve been with FreeMotion since 2012 where I began taking some of the group training classes, which I absolutely LOVED. I think it’s often common for people to feel uncomfortable walking into a gym setting. FreeMotion is definitely not the case. The atmosphere here is nothing short of amazing and the trainers are incredible.

My passion for health and physical fitness has led me to where I am today. I graduated from Utah State University where I received my BS degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences (Exercise Science).

I love adventuring, traveling, cooking, and pretty much all outdoor activities. I love trying new things and developing new hobbies. I love being a trainer where I get to work closely with individuals, and am inspired as I see them reach their goals. One of my favorite quotes is, “What the mind can conceive, you can believe, and what you can believe, you can achieve.” I know you can do hard things and I look forward to helping you get there!

Bryn’s clients will receive a free consultation. To schedule an appointment with Bryn, please contact her at or at (435)890-0863.

Individual Sessions:
Single Session: $35
4 Sessions: $135
8 Sessions: $260
12 Sessions: $360

Couple Sessions Sessions:
Single Session: $50
4 Sessions: $250
8 Sessions: $350
12 Sessions: $450