Personal Training- Lisa Rich

Lisa Lisa has lived in Cache Valley her whole life and couldn’t think of a better place to raise her 4 children.

She loves Cache Valley for it’s abundant places to explore and play in every season. Lisa is currently an Elementary P.E. Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer and the manager here at the FreeMotion Facility. She knows and understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by staying active, setting goals, having a desire to change and believing in yourself.

As a young child, Lisa learned early on that exercise would play a huge role in her life, by nearly being paralyzed in an accident. Exercise was key to her success and now has become a way of life. She is passionate about helping others discover the importance of Training the Way We Move.

To sign up for personal training with Lisa please contact her directly via phone 435-890-3935 or by email at

$40 for 1 session
$320 for 8 sessions (+ 1 free session)
$420 for 12 sessions