Master Coaches

Jakes Saunders passion is simply to help get and keep people healthy, happy and safe. Over the last decade, he has worked in multiple states, agencies and hospitals as a paramedic, living his passion.  He currently works as a career fire fighter paramedic for Logan City Fire Department.

Jake also loves to disperse his knowledge to others. He loves to teach, lift and assist those around him so they can achieve their goals.  He maintains specialized instructor status in over 10 different certifications. Jake is a personal trainer certified through NASM.  He is a Master Coach certified in Rip60 and RAPIDfit. He also trains clients in Spanish as requested.

Lisa Townsend received her BS in Recreation Therapy from the University of Utah, and her Master’s degree in Education. She has certifications in AFAA, RIP:60, RapidFit, and Incline Training. She created and taught a very successful bellydance fitness class in Colorado, and is currently teaching FreeMotion programming at the Movement. Training. Community. in Logan, Utah.

Lisa absolutely practices what she preaches.  You can often find her in the mountains around Logan running trails, biking, snowboarding, camping, or fishing with her family.  She loves being outdoors, and when the weather doesn’t cooperate she trains on FreeMotion, “It’s simply the best way to train for my life.”

Lee Labrum received her RN Degree through the cooperative USU-WSU Nursing program. She worked as a registered nurse for 8 years before putting focus on and raising her children. Lee loves spending time with her family.  In addition to her Nursing degree, Lee is CPR certified, has Master Coach certification with FreeMotion for Rip:60, RapidFit and InclineFit and recently completed a course on Biomechanics Training.

Lee has an immense love for life and a sincere desire to lift and serve others and help them meet their personal, fitness, athletic and nutritional goals. She loves and lives the FreeMotion philosophy to “Train the way you move in sport and life”. She enjoys running, trail running, hiking and biking but especially enjoys introducing and sharing these adventures with others. Don’t be surprised if one day you receive a beckoning call to come join her on a “little hike up a little mountain.” Her motto is: “Stay Strong and Carry on!!”

Brooke Jackson was born on October 17, 1988 in Mesa, Arizona.  She is the daughter of JC and Lynn Jackson. Brooke was raised in Arizona in a family of seven, which has now grown to eleven.  She played Division 1 Basketball at both Utah State University and University of Arizona.  Brooke received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at University of Arizona and is currently working on her master’s degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation.


Derek Miller is the founder and co-owner of Guardian Insurance Agency based out of Logan, Utah.  As he noticed a correlation and growing trend of avoidable health conditions stemming from a lack of diet and exercise he began his commitment to help others avoid such medical pitfalls.  He has an absolute passion for life, his wife and children, and a dedication to what he coins as “progressive realization”, or the continual growth in all aspects of life.  “I love taking what I’ve learned as a ski instructor, semi-professional football player and everything else I’ve done and applying those lessons to real life!  I love saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities and helping others do the same”.

As a FreeMotion Master Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Derekis always seeking further education and evolving ways to encourage and assist others in reaching their fitness goals.