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Every class at the FreeMotion Facility is taught by a trainer or FreeMotion Master Coach; a group of highly qualified trainers selected based their extensive knowledge and passion for fitness. Each class is classified as a small group training, meaning you will be able to receive more one-on-one attention and build stronger relationships with your trainer and classmates. The class sizes are between 5 and 20 people, allowing the trainers to give specific instruction and modification to accommodate participants of all fitness levels.


Participants in this INCLINEfit workout switch between doing various movement patterns on the Incline Trainer and performing different strength movements using a variety of exercise equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls, stability balls, dumbbells, etc.


With every other workout program, there’s a point where your body forces you to quit. With rip:60, you simply move your feet and change your angle to do more. The optimization zone allows you to adjust your workout load without slowing your heart rate or losing form, which results in maximum muscle activation for more caloric burn and better results. It’s in those last few reps that your body undergoes dramatic transformation.


Participants of this RAPIDfit utilize the FreeMotion Incline Trainer, Dual Cable Cross and the Vertex Vibration Machine, combining the best of cardio strength and recovery. Each workout consists of six, six-minute rounds (two minutes at each station). In studies participants of RAPIDfit burned between 600-900 calories per workout.

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FreeMotion Indoor Cycling classes have revolutionized the indoor cycling world by adding a console, which displays accurate readings of watts (power), distance, time, and mph. These classes are designed to help avid cyclists stay fit during the cycling off-season, however it is a great fitness option for anyone. Cycling classes will last between 40 and 60 minutes.

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