Class Descriptions

All FreeMotion Group Exercise classes are designed to be both progressive and challenging for all levels of fitness.  All of our classes are designed to help you change the way they look, move and feel. They will help improve endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, power and recovery. Each of our classes are focused on our motto: “Train the Way You Move in Life and Sport”.

FreeMotion Circuit

Come experience many of the unique programs FreeMotion Fitness has to offer. In the FreeMotion Circuit programs include:  RIP:60, INCLINEfit, FreeMotion Playgrounds, RAPIDfit, FreeFit, etc. Your FreeMotion trainer is thoroughly versed in FreeMotion philosophy and how to get you the best results through these training protocols. These classes are sure to keep you burning calories, building lean muscle, and becoming an overall fit individual!


This class is an intense, challenging, 30-minute strength and cardio workout! It will utilize all the equipment FreeMotion offers (and some we don’t) which will allow for a huge variety of movements and exercises! When you arrive to class you will do a warm-up and review your workout which will be written on a white board. You will complete the workout at your own pace for time. A FreeMotion Master Coach will be there to coach form and make sure you perform the exercises safely.


RIP:60 is a body weighted suspension-style method of training consists of hundreds of both off and on-strap movements and relies upon the users own body weight for resistance, making it an optimal tool for any and all fitness levels to achieve many different fitness goals. RIP:60 workouts consist of both cardio and strength training and last between 40-60 minutes.


RAPIDfit is a calorie blasting, fat burning, high energy workout that has been scientifically tested and proven to get its users the fast results they’re looking for. RAPIDfit utilizes FreeMotion Incline Trainer, Dual Cable Cross and the Vertex Vibration Machine, combining the best of cardio strength and recovery. Each workout consists of six, six-minute rounds (two minutes at each station). In studies participants of RAPIDfit burned between 600-900 calories per workout.


INCLINEfit is a cardio-intensive workout that takes full advantage of the many benefits of the Incline Trainer. In each INCLINEfit workout, participants will bounce back and forth between doing various movement patterns on an incline and performing different strength movements using a variety of exercise accessories, such as kettlebells, medicine balls, stability balls, etc.

FreeMotion Playground

FreeMotion Playground is a hybrid of all the different FreeMotion programming. Participants of Playground will experience Indoor Cycling, RIP:60, Incline Trainer, Dual Cable Cross, Vertex Vibration and other off-equipment exercises. These workouts will challenge both strength and endurance and will last between 40-60 minutes.

RIP:60/Indoor Cycling

FreeMotion Indoor Cycling classes have revolutionized the indoor cycling world by adding a console, which displays accurate readings of watts (power), distance, time, and mph. With the addition of RIP:60, participants will get strength as well as cardio and will also reduce the risk of injury by combating the repetitious cycling movements with offsetting lengthening and strengthening exercises. These classes are designed to help avid cyclists stay fit during the cycling off-season, however it is a great fitness option for anyone. Cycling classes will last between 40 and 60 minutes.