Thank you for your interest in the FreeMotion Facility group exercise classes. At the FreeMotion Facility we are dedicated to creating a tight-knit community of people who are seeking a happy and healthy lifestyle. We feel confident that our passionate group of Master Coaches, creative and versatile programming, along with the fun and friendly group of individuals you’ll find in your classes, will create a positive and non-intimidating environment, encouraging members of all fitness levels to push themselves to their physical limits as a means to achieve a level of fitness they never thought possible.

The FreeMotion Facility is a beta testing facility run by the FreeMotion Education Team. It was created as a means of testing programming before it is implemented into clubs all over the world. Those involved with our classes are literally experiencing the latest and greatest fitness programs before anyone else and will play a part in how it is delivered to the world.

Every class at the FreeMotion Facility is taught by a trainer or FreeMotion Master Coach; a group of highly qualified trainers selected based on their extensive knowledge and passion for fitness. Each class is classified as a small group training, meaning you wont be crammed into a room with 50 other people and only one instructor. The class sizes are between 5 and 18 people, allowing the trainers to give specific instruction and modification to accommodate participants of all fitness levels.

Come stop by our facility and try your first class for free, register for a fitness program, month-to-month classes or personal training sessions.

The FreeMotion Facility is located at: 953 W. 700 N. Suite 107 Logan, UT 84321